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In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.
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Nasir Name
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Majlis Name
Which prayers are offered in congregation normally (select as applicable)
No. of prayers offered on average in a day last month (out of 5)
No. of Friday prayers offered in Mosque/Namaz Centre in last month
No. of Friday Sermons of Huzur(aa) listened to in last month
No. of days recited Holy Qur`an with translation in last month
 Less than 5 days a month (0 - 5)
 Between 6 and 18 days a month (6-18)
 More than 18 days a month (>18)
Did you write letter to Huzur(aa) last month
Are you willing to offer yourself for Waqf e Arzi?
If yes, When?
If yes, Where?
Do you exercise / play sports regularly?
Can you provide help in finding job?
If you can help in job, what is your field?
Do you own a bicycle?
Have you visited elderly and sick
 Once a week
 Once a month
 Once a quarter
Can you donate blood and organs (select as applicable)
Has your physical checkup done during last six months?
Please select any of the below skills that you have: (May check more than one)
Urdu or English Composing
Social Media (Twitter etc.)
Graphic designing or website development
Writing skills
Number of Tabligh contacts
CommunityNo of Tabligh contacts
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